Board of Directors

Dr. Cha Yang

Vice President
Nao Bee Yang

Ying Khang Yang

Shong Lue Yang


Vang Toua Yang

Chue Yang

Public Relations

Nhia Thai Yang


Nyiaj Tsawb Yaj

John Ntsuab Yob Yaj


Cindy Yang

Bee Yang

Event Coordinator

Cha Tong Yang



To strengthen the Yang family across the United States through social and cultural, educational, economical, and political engagement activities


Vision (this varies from term to term with each newly elected President)

For Yang Wang Meng USA to become self-sufficient in order to better support and  improve the quality of life, well-being, and prosperity of the Yang family.



  • To bring together and unite the Yang family from every state in US by having a Yang Wang Meng representative in every state where possible.
  • To promote education, social and cultural development as well as economic development for our Yang family.
  • To be a source of strength and support for the Yang family in promoting civic and political engagement.
  • To represent the Yang family in resolving conflicts both within our Yang family as well as outside the Yang clan.
  • To promote and protect the Yang clan values and our good name.


Core Values

  • Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Transparency, Accountability and Fairness
  • Yang Wang Meng Association of USA

1050 Arkwright Street.  St. Paul, Minnesota 55130